The Web Conference for Designers

Our program focuses exclusively on design, the design process and design tools for the web. Our speakers and advisory board are well respected designers and experts in their respective disciplines and practitioners of their craft. We take complex ideas and concepts and make them understandable and accessible. We help designers, like you, advance their design careers.

Communication, collaboration, and process are the currency of design and a way of life in our nation’s capital, making Washington, D.C. the perfect East Coast setting for the HOW Interactive Design Conference. You’ll learn from experts including Mike Arauz, partner at the digital strategy firm Undercurrent; Karen McGrane, Founder and Managing Partner at Bond Art + Science; Front-End Developer Jenn Lukas, founder of the Ladies in Tech podcast; and many others.

Washington D.C.


Eric Kajaluoto, UX, Front-End, Agile Processes, Responsive Design, Content Strategy, Marketing, Cross-Platform Design, Agile Development
Eric Kajaluoto
Karen McGrane, The Design Process, User Friendly Typography, Information Design, Interactive Product Design
Karen McGrane
David Sherwin
David Sherwin
Chris Butler
Christopher Butler
Jen Lukas
Jen Lukas
Chris Cashdollar
Chris Cashdollar
Andy Fitzgerald
Andy Fitzgerald
Mike Arauz
Mike Arauz


Agile Processes
Responsive Design
Content Strategy
Cross-Platform Design
Agile Development


Washington, D.C.

September 3 – 5, 2014

Grand Hyatt Washington
1000 H Street NW
Washington, DC 20001

"...this has been one of the most accessible and inclusive conferences, in terms of helping take an often complex subject and translate it into something that you can take and run with..."

– David Sherwin, Frog

Advisory Board

Christopher Butler

COO, Newfangled

Program Director

Cameron Moll

Authentic Jobs, Inc

Karen McGrane

Managing Partner
Bond Art + Science

David Sherwin

Interaction Design Director